Turkey Real Estate

Find Your Dream Home in Turkey

Owning a second home abroad is no longer a luxury but a real benefit, especially in a wonderful country like Turkey.

With masses of countries allowing foreigners to purchase and live overseas,potential home owners often want to know good reasons for buying property in Turkey.

Why Turkish Eeal Estate?

in the past decade, the Turkish real estate industry has extremely grown, and foreigners have played a major role in its growth. But why Turkish real estate market?

1- Minimal Property Rates

The cost of buying property in Turkey is very cheap compared to many European countries. For example, buying a home in London may cost you eight times the price of a property in Turkey.

2- A Diverse Portfolio

Whether you are looking for a resale house, or interested in off-plan and new construction, all options are available.
From beachfront spots to urban living to remote hideaways, you will find what you are searching for.

3- An Easy Purchasing Process

The Turkish government has streamlined the procedures and made it easier than before. from choosing your home to signing for the title deeds, the process can be completed within a week.

4- High Investment Profile

Turkey has become a global hub in terms of investment. Since 2005, many foreigners investors come to Turkey every year entered the Turkish real estate market as an important sector in economic growth.

5- Accessible Country

Turkey has a unique geographic location, lying partly in Asia and partly in Europe. Whether you decided to come by air, sea or land, Turkey has a great transportation network that makes it easy getting to or out.

6- Structured Payment Terms

If you are looking for buying an off-plan or recently constructed home, you can tap into the organized installments plans ranging from 6 to 60 months.

7- Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate

The decision was issued by the Turkish government on 19.09.2018 granted the citizenship directly to foreigners who buy ready or under construction properties in Turkey for an amount of not less than 250.000 USD.

8- Low Cost of Living

Undoubtedly, The average cost of living in turkey is half that of the USA and Britain. Which clarifies why many foreign property buyers choose to live in Turkey throughout the whole year.

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